This page lets you know in which locations the chapter takes place, the new characters introduced, the story arcs that are present and also the brief summary of the chapter.

Locations of Chapter Twenty One Edit

This section lists the different locations the story is set in.

  1. Orbit of Virgon, private yacht Ad Astra
  2. Virgon, Westfield, Duchess Iona Chase Memorial Medical Center
  3. Orbit of Sagittaron, Battlestar Hydra
  4. Orbit of Machimos, Meropis Alpha, Meropis Cluster, Meropian Communion, Gunstar Proioxis
  5. Beyond the Cyrannus System, Orbit of Ripley's Star's unnamed 3rd planet

Characters Introduced Edit

This section lists the new characters mentioned / met in the chapter.

  1. Ben Stark - Bomber
  2. Tamonetti - Plenny employee - Storming heaven
  3. Commander Van Bovee - Hydra Actual
  4. Colonel Andy McGregor - Hydra XO
  5. Jacobsen, - Hydra supply officer
  6. Admiral Stanislaw - supply
  7. Belinda - FCIS
  8. Spence, our old supply officer
  9. Colonel Alistair Tremblay - "Ali" - MC officer - Proioxis Acutal
  10. Commander Dixon Ives - "Dix" - MC officer - Aether Acutal
  11. Lieutenant Teresa Blaine - MC Dradis officer - Proioxis
  12. Admiral Giovanna Cassidine - MC officer - Epiales Acutal
  13. Equal Geonova - MC
  14. Corporal Sipe - MC Marine - Aether
  15. Kyra - Dixon'a Wife
  16. Emma, Minerva's EWAC

The Story Arc Edit


Summary of the Chapter Edit

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