This page lets you know in which locations the chapter takes place, the new characters introduced, the story arcs that are present and also the brief summary of the chapter.

Locations of the First Chapter Edit

This section lists the different locations the story is set in.

  1. Officer's Club, Scorpia Fleet Shipyards
  2. BS-94 Battlestar Hecate, Berthed at Scorpia Fleet Shipyards

Characters Introduced Edit

This section lists the new characters mentioned / met in the chapter.

  1. Admiral Countess Seralenna Iona Chase
  2. Duke of Westfield Charles Chase
  3. Iona Avedon Chase
  4. Commander Martin Esposito
  5. Admiral Richard Szabo "Ricky"
  6. Admiral Kevin Bannasalle
  7. Admiral Griffith Deguya
  8. Captian Sebastian Beckett "Rockstar" "Bass"
  9. Captian Julian Sancerre "Jules"
  10. Commander Ross
  11. Commander Sam Paulson
  12. Commander Lydia Valentine
  13. Command Bors Virgis

The Story Arc Edit

This chapter introduces the Golden Sword Story Arc.

The Summary of the Chapter Edit

The story starts of in the officers club with a meeting between Admiral Chase and Admiral Szabo. They discuss her ship and how it was funded. There is a brief pause while some information about the Duke of Westfield and Iona Chase is imparted then we get back to Szabo and Chase talking about her new orders. This is the Golden Sword IX, a fleet exercise (FleetEX) that Hecate will now be a part of. Commander Martian Esposito enters and mentions that he and Szabo are OpFor for the upcomming Golden Sword. The 3 officers then wager on the outcome of the Golden Sword.

We cut to the Battlestar Hecate where we meet Captain Sebastian Beckett and Captain Julian Sancerre talking about Admiral Chase. Beckett passes a partially open hatch and sees a lady saber dancing. They spar for a while. Beckett compares Chase to Commander Ross from the Manticore. Beckett learns a little about Chase and how she likes to run things.

The next scene has Admiral Chase dining with Admiral Kevin Bannasalle. The talk about the up comming Golden Sword and mention Sam Palson, Lydia Valentine and Bors Vergis.

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